Always have a great experience here! I bring my dog here for grooming and boarding and the prices are reasonable, staff is friendly and it's very clean. I have also brought my cat and have had a good experience each time.
- Ryan P. Irvine CA

Ryan P., Irvine CA

I absolutely, positively love The Pet Set. I came here on a recommendation from a good friend of mine, who is a manager at a doggie day camp in Costa Mesa. They take such good care of my two babies, including my very rambunctious puggle, Addison. They show love to my dogs as they my dogs are part of their family. It's so scary to leave your loved ones in the care of someone else. I know that sounds crazy, but it's how I feel. To have confidence that my fur babies will get such love and attention in my absence makes me feel at ease. They bathe them well and paint their nails for me. I drive by other boarding options to go there and I will never go anywhere else!
- Deanna P. Long Beach CA

Deanna P., Long Beach CA

After almost 3 years I thought it was time to write a review. We don't use Pet Set for grooming however we use them for day care.

Brody (German Shep) and Maggie (Flat Coat Retriever) love this place. Maggie is a little on the wild side and Brody is pretty mellow. Both have made regular friends there and I know for a fact look forward to camp everyday.

The staff at Pet Set really care about the dogs too. I check in daily on the cams and see the staff picking up the waste right away. I see them interacting with the dogs also.

Yes, dogs get in scuffles. Yes, dogs have minor disagreements. When this happens I get an "ouch report" or I am told that Maggie had to have a time out because of rough housing. She just doesn't know when to stop! I'm not expecting for them to come home spotless either. Pet Set has a big sprinkler on hot days and it's for the dogs! They both come home smelly from other dogs saliva. This is expected and I'd be worried that they weren't having fun if they came home smelling like roses.

They are there to have fun and that's what they (and tired).

I have no problems recommending Pet Set at all. As long as they keep loving my kids, they will get my business. Oh, my kids go daily so that should say something for Pet Set.
- Patricia C. Long Beach CA

Patricia C., Long Beach CA