My furkids have been coming here since they were both pups and they love it! My Mambo and Luna love the girls there! 🙂 We also always use them for grooming as well, Ricky is great! The staff is great and I've never had anyone working there be rude or unfriendly.
- Mambo P. Long Beach CA

Mambo P., Long Beach CA

I love this place! We have three dogs that we boarded for a weekend when we went on vacation. The fact that we could view them via internet to see what they are doing is amazing! I saw how the handlers were able to socialize with the dogs (using super soakers to entertain them, holding my little maltese when she just needed some attention). They are incredible! We boarded them in a small condo area that was big enough that we didn't feel they were being "caged". The fact that they make all the dogs come in for a daytime session before you board is a great idea. I don't have to worry about my little dogs getting bite marks from aggressive dogs.
- Jamie T. Long Beach CA

Jamie T., Long Beach CA

I've been bringing my dog to the Pet Set twice a week for day care for the past year. She absolutely loves it there! I love bringing home an exhausted and well-socialized dog. The staff are great. They seem to genuinely care about my pooch and always have sweet things to say about her. I've also used the Pet Set for boarding 2 times. I don't ever like to leave my girl behind, but she seems none the worse for wear when we pick her up. I highly recommend the Pet Set!
- N.B. Long Beach CA

N.B., Long Beach CA

The Pet Set is an answer to the prayers of this devoted dog owner who's 70lb. baby has seperation anxiety. After coming home too many times to find the contents of kitchen trash can scattered across the house, furniture destroyed, doors pawed to the point of splintering, ect., I was so relieved to find a solution. Roman (my 6 year-old weimaraner) LOVES doggy day care. He starts to squeal and paw at the windows with excitement when we pull into the driveway. It is a bit pricey, but totally worth the cost a few times a week. He comes home tired and satisfied, only interested in eating and sleeping (not trash-diving). The facility is beautiful and the staff are friendly. They also offer boarding services, training, and grooming. The bathing option is especially convenient because they tend to get dirty while romping around all day and playing hard. It's nice to get a CLEAN, happy, tired dog at the end of the day. The also offer discounts if you purchase a number of daycare days in advance.

And frankly I am relieved that they do not allow pit breeds into doggy day care. I realize this may seem discriminatory and somewhat insulting to pit/pit-mix owners, but it's the responsibility that must be assumed by the owner when choosing to live with an infamous breed.

Admittedly, most of the pits I have met are sweet, loving, gentle animals. And I do realize that bad owners are often the source of an unpredictable, dangerous animal. But it only takes a few rotten apples to spoil the bunch, and I feel much safer knowing there is zero chance that my beloved pup will be in the same play yard as one of those bad apples. Rather than attempting to weed-out the good pits from the bad ones, I am relieved that they opt to assume a no-pit policy.
- Kamie K. Long Beach CA

Kamie K., Long Beach CA